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  • PeterWorkman

    A Year, 2 Days, But Who’s Counting

    I was going to write something about my dad as the one year mark of his death approached.   And then I was going to write on the actual anniversary itself.  But I didn’t.  The pressure, I guess.  I don’t go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day with my husband either.  The expectations, right?  Who needs... MORE

  • Chili

    Recipe: A Superbowl Menu…in process

    Oh, is the Superbowl this Sunday? I almost forgot. It’s not like I live in New York City where the traffic is snarled for miles because of Superbowl Boulevard, (toboggan ride, anyone?) and you can buy a Broncos or a Seahawks jersey or thong in any number of locations (yes, I said thong). And if... MORE

  • salad-thumb

    The January 2014 Fridge

    Here is a truism that I am holding close as we sail into 2014 after a seriously long and decadent holiday season: you can’t cook what you don’t have.  Between Thansgivingikuh, my younger son’s birthday (which gets overcompensated for since he is wedged into the Thanksgiving season), the holiday parties, the New Year’s celebrations, the... MORE

  • Granola for the Holidays

    Homemade for the Holidays

    If you need a little nudge to get your cookie recipient list off to a good start, here are some people who might appreciate a little box of somethin’-somethin’.  And so you’re not scrambling through your Tupperware and scribbling names on containers with a Sharpie, don’t forget to stock up on nice giftable boxes or... MORE

  • PeterWorkman

    The Last Thanksgiving with Dad

    Last year at this time, we found ourselves part of one of those clubs that no one wants to join. This club could have been titled something like, “The Coalition of Families with a Really Sick Person, Who Don’t Know Whether or Not to Plan a Big Thanksgiving Because No One Knows How He/She Will... MORE

  • me and charlie kissing

    Happy Birthday, Charlie

    This delicious little person is turning 11 today.  The moment you have a kid, people start telling how how fast it goes, to enjoy every minute.  You don’t really hear them for a while.  And then all of a sudden you do.  Happy birthday to my son Charlie, one of the most special people I’ve... MORE

  • photo by KELSEY BANFIELD (

    Recipe: Guest Post from Monica Bhide: Saffron Coconut Macaroons

    As many of us wrangle with the approach of Halloween, and how many mini Hershey bars we are going to allow our children (read: ourselves) to eat, the lovely Monica Bhide, creator of A Life of Spice, is one of millions getting ready to celebrate Diwali, the Indian New Year, this year taking place on... MORE

  • Jack in football gear

    I Love to Watch You Play

    “I love to watch you play.” The simplest six words you can say to your kids, with a surprising amount of power. It started with an article written in February 2012, called What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent — And What Makes A Great One.  The article was pretty much about what you think it... MORE

  • Baked Potato Meatball Sub

    10 Ways to Top a Baked Potato

    A baked potato is so lovely just on its own, with a pat of good butter, a sprinkle of coarse salt.  But it can also become dinner; a wonderful translators of leftovers into a meal, and a way to serve myriad people at the table with the odds and ends that are in the fridge.... MORE

  • sandyhookpromise

    Sandy Hook Promise

    Shockingly the 1-year anniversary of Sandy Hook is approaching.  Shockingly first because it happened in the first place.  Shockingly because it sometimes still doesn’t seem quite real, so it’s hard to imagine what this past year has been like for the parents and kids and educators and community who have had unsolicited front row tickets... MORE

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