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  • menu notes

    9 Tips for Relaxed Entertaining and Menu Planning

    One of my very, very, very favorite things in the world is when I see someone who has been afraid of entertaining suddenly start to feel good about it. Two friends, Netta and Kate, who I work with, have recently begun to experience the little rush that comes with getting a dinner for friends together... MORE

  • Marinade

    How Long Do I Marinate That?

    Marinades are brilliant because essentially you can take any kind of meat or fish or seafood you like, give it a dunk in the mixture and you’ve turned a plain something into a great dinner. The more delicate the protein, the less you want to marinate it, especially if it contains citrus juices which can... MORE

  • Granola for the Holidays

    Homemade for the Holidays

    If you need a little nudge to get your cookie recipient list off to a good start, here are some people who might appreciate a little box of somethin’-somethin’.  And so you’re not scrambling through your Tupperware and scribbling names on containers with a Sharpie, don’t forget to stock up on nice giftable boxes or... MORE

  • smoke alarm

    The Top 8 Foods I Am Most Likely to Burn

    I don’t know why I feel inclined to share this.  Ok, yes I do: I’m a confessor, and I want to hear from you about the things you burn, so we can all feel better.  Learn from my mistakes.  I have lost too many good pots to scorched bottoms due to ignored popcorn. The fire... MORE

  • soup

    Gearing Up For Back-to-School Weeknight Dinners

    Getting back in the swing of weeknight/schoolnight dinners stands out as a shining example of what can be crazy-making about the re-entry period of fall. I’ve just started bracing myself, and thinking about how to make those dinners a bit smoother, calmer, and less stressful. Damn, I do this for a living and still find... MORE

  • Market

    Pike Market in Lists

    I wanted to write about each of the recent four cities which I traveled to with my kids (and sometimes my mother and my husband) in the past nine days. I wanted to, but that would have meant less sleep and fewer activities (but do eat at the café at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, and... MORE

  • Kale

    31 Hours in Cincinnati in Lists

    In a city of very nice people, here were some of the nicest: Courtney Tsitouris, a local food blogger and videographer who is chronicling the burgeoning food scene in this friendly city. Jose Salazar, the chef at renowned restaurant, The Palace in The Cincinnatian, who gave me some huge purple asparagus to bring home. Nick Dietrich,... MORE

  • Honey

    57 Hours in Dallas in Lists

    Times someone blessed my heart: Seven Great moment while teaching cooking class at Central Market in Plano: 12 year old boy, after tasting Miso Cod Fingers, said that this fish had “changed his life.” Dining experiences I shan’t soon forget: Insane-tasting dinner that Stephan Pyles‘ restaurant prepared at his eponymous restaurant. Let’s just say any meal that starts... MORE

  • Miriam's Kitchen

    4 Days in Washington, DC in Lists

    This trip was thankfully a bit longer than others, in large part due to the fact that my sister, her husband, and two daughters live here, and we turned it into a bit of a family weekend with Gary and the boys coming down for part of it. Best reason for spending 4 days in... MORE

  • Tulsa

    33 Hours in Tulsa in Lists

    Lovely people I spent time with: Jeff Martin, the founder of BookSmart, who hosted a “Moms’ Night Out” event at the adorable Blue Moon Cafe and Bakery April Brooks, who knows so much about Tulsa that she should be elected mayor of Tulsa, and is making me seriously consider living there. She makes amazing things out... MORE

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