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  • Asian Greens from Katie Workman/

    Recipe: Clean and Spicy Asian Greens

    I just got back from 3 days of eating my way through Dallas. There are so many adjectives I can and will use to describe my trip. Filling is the one that pops up first. I loved this trip, a gathering of food writers who were invited to see what exciting culinary happenings were taking... MORE

  • Red Quinoa Salad with Arugula, Artichoke Hearts and Olives

    Recipe: Red Quinoa Salad with Arugula, Artichoke Hearts and Olives

    As with many grain based salads, this is merely a template for mixing and matching different kinds of quinoa (see Note) and vegetables, depending on your mood, the season, what you have in the fridge. I bought red quinoa on impulse, and then was too intimidated to use it for a while, but now realize... MORE

  • Simple Roasted Asparagus with Shallots and Parmesan from

    Recipe: Simple Roasted Asparagus with Shallots and Parmesan

    Roasted asparagus makes an appearance on our table a couple of time a week, this time of year.  It’s as easy a cooking method as there is, and roasting any vegetable deepens its flavor.  The high heat really makes the difference. You could totally skip the shallots and Parm for a very simple spring side... MORE

  • Sauteed and Braised Cauliflower with Mustard Seeds from Katie Workman/

    Recipe: Sauteed and Braised Cauliflower with Mustard Seeds and Green Peppercorns

    “IS THIS RECIPE ON A FAMILY-FRIENDLY FOOD BLOG???” Yup.  try it.  Don’t discuss the ingredients with your kids.  Just serve it.  Pretend you are busy when they ask you questions.  See if they might not just eat it.  Every few months I notice the jar of green peppercorns in my fridge and make a concerted... MORE

  • Mesxican Hot Chocolate Brownies from

    Recipe: One-Pot Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies

    There is a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies from Martha Stewart that has become one of the favorite cookies we make for the teachers and staff at our school on Cookie of the Month Day. Chocolate combined with a slight kick from cinnamon and chile powder is a pairing to be reckoned with. But... MORE

  • Seared pork loin about to be roastred with root vegetables

    Recipe: Mediterranean Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Vegetables

    Yet another moment where a pork loin, or a pair of pork loins in this case, make dinnertime just so very easy. Preheat the oven to 425°F. In a small bowl, mix together the coriander, thyme, garlic, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper.  Rub the mixture over the pork loins.  Heat a large cast... MORE

  • fritatta

    Recipe: Potato, Leek and Dill Frittata with Crème Fraiche

    There are few foods more perfect than the potato.  And few foods more versatile.  Except for the egg — the same can be said about eggs.  A simple potato torta or frittata is but one of the lovely ways potatoes can have both a supporting and a starring role in the same dish.  If that... MORE

  • Pasta with Goat Cheese and Spinach

    Recipe: Creamy Goat Cheese and Spinach Linguine

    A handful ingredients on a crappy cold night when I could not make it out to the store turned into one of the most spectacular pastas.  I love how goat cheese mixed with some hot liquid — be it broth, pasta cooking water, or otherwise — almost instantly turns into a creamy sauce. In Dinner... MORE

  • Nut-Free Basil Pecorino Pesto

    Recipe: Nut-Free Basil Pesto with Pecorino Romano

    I’m in a big pesto place right now.  I guess some people might feel like pesto is a kind of yesterday food, but it’s just so amazing.  I do love it on pasta, but I also love to stir a spoonful into rice, maybe this Scallion Tomato Rice, or soup, or dot some on hot... MORE

  • pancake

    Recipe: Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes

    If you are like me, after Thanksgiving you have a couple of cans of pumpkin the in the pantry that didn’t make it into the pies. This is excellent news. And this is the reason that when Food Network asked our merry little band of #ComfortFoodFeast bloggers to hit the topic of pancakes, I knew... MORE

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