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  • Grilled Pizza with Smoked Mozzarella and Prosciutto

    Recipe: Smoked Mozzarella and Prosciutto Grilled Pizza

    People measure the start of a season by different yardsticks.  School means fall, memorial day means summer, first snowfall means winter, that sort of thing.  For us, it is officially summer when the first pizza hits the grill.  One of the top 3 most requested recipes in my house (taco night is another….. not 100%... MORE

  • the mom 100 family table ms

    And, DONE. Sort of.

    I have officially just completed the manuscript for the next cookbook, The Mom 100 Family Table.  Part of me feels great, part of me feels drained, and a big big part of me feels like I want to sleep for a week. But THAT’S not going to happen.   Momentarily I will start telling you... MORE

  • Charlie cleaning ramps

    Stop Picking on Those Poor Little Ramps

    Did ramps ever think they would be the subject of so much heated debate?  These wild scallions, which grow in some parts of the country for a short period in the early spring, are always the subject of so much contention.  People love them, as uncultivate-able harbingers of spring, people hate them, because anything that... MORE

  • manuscript pages

    Keep Writing….Keep Writing…..

    I have been a bit remiss lately, in the blogging realm. Everyone who knows anything about blogs will always tell you, “Consistency is key.” “Regularity is critical.” Or my favorite, “I always say, a blog is like a hungry baby; it constantly needs to be fed.” Well, I believe you. But life will interfere, it... MORE

  • Mixed Berry Clafoutis

    Recipe: Mixed Berry Clafoutis

    My family is a berry family.  If I am going to be baking with berries, then I have to hide them behind the brussels sprouts or something so that no one finds them and eats them before I can use them.  It’s a race against the clock, survival of the berry fittest.  Very Darwinian.  Man... MORE

  • PeterWorkman

    A Year, 2 Days, But Who’s Counting

    I was going to write something about my dad as the one year mark of his death approached.   And then I was going to write on the actual anniversary itself.  But I didn’t.  The pressure, I guess.  I don’t go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day with my husband either.  The expectations, right?  Who needs... MORE

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