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  • Green Peppercorn and Dijon Chicken Cutlets

    Recipe: Green Peppercorn and Dijon Chicken Cutlets

    I always thought summer should be just called “Laundry.”  Spring, Laundry, Fall, and Winter.   And now I am proposing January be called “Sigh.”  I don’t even mean to sound melancholy, much.  It’s just such a pause in a way, between the holidays, and anything else of great consideration (other than MLK’s birthday, and Jack’s birthday,... MORE

  • Charlie just doesn't seem to care how perfectly I diced the fruit.

    The Great Thing About Home Cooking, And Why It’s Hard to Breast Pump at a Restaurant

    I was pregnant with my second son when I first started thinking seriously about pursuing a long-deferred dream of doing something in the food world.   I was looking at various options, and seriously considering getting into the restaurant business, even though I fully (really, fully) understood how grueling and unromantic it was most of the... MORE

  • IMG_3528

    Recipe: Hearty Lentil, Vegetable and Grain Soup

    This soup was born of the need for a comforting, substantial soup that would feed a crowd, and a crowd that included a few vegetarians.  It’s so pretty, and the variety of textures makes it fun to eat.  The seasonings are very light and gentle, allowing the flavors if the ingredients to have their moment….but... MORE

  • Weelicious_Lunch_TomatoSoup_0031

    Recipe: Guest Post from Catherine McCord of Weelicious

    I am delighted to feature this guest blog post by my friend Catherine McCord, who many of you will know. Catherine’s blog Weelicious has been beloved by moms for its lovely images and videos, fun and approachable recipes, and the fact that she has photographed her children’s enviable lunches every day since she began packing... MORE

  • IMG_2504

    Recipe: Asian Beef Kebabs

    Looking for recipes from The Mom 100 November Newsletter? Get them here. These are tender and flavorful, and with a big pile of rice and a heaping bowl of salad with Japanese Restaurant Salad Dressing, that’s a great weeknight dinner – or a company dinner, in fact.  Other skewer and kebab options are Chicken Tender... MORE

  • One peppermint stick.

    Laura Ingalls Wilder, You Had the Right Idea

    What strikes me now, and frequently, is how unspecial treats have become.... MORE

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