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    Recipe: Cannellini Bean Dip with Lemon and Parmesan

    Not only is this fast and easy, but it’s also (shhhh….) really inexpensive.  But it tastes fresh and lush at the same time, and there’s something very special about a homemade dip or spread, versus the store-bought stuff.   (And if you’re in splurge mode, do not miss Hot Crab and Corn Dip.)  A food processor... MORE

  • Granola for the Holidays

    Homemade for the Holidays

    If you need a little nudge to get your cookie recipient list off to a good start, here are some people who might appreciate a little box of somethin’-somethin’.  And so you’re not scrambling through your Tupperware and scribbling names on containers with a Sharpie, don’t forget to stock up on nice giftable boxes or... MORE

  • Island Chicken Bites

    Recipe: Island Chicken Bites

    Whenever I work on a recipe that is inspired by a particular region I always worry that someone from that region will hunt me down and beat the pudding out of me for bastardizing their native dish.  These have flavors inspired by the West Indies, but no claims to authenticity (said the girl from Manhattan).... MORE

  • Pancetta wrapped Shrimp with Smoked Paprika

    Recipe: Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp with Smoked Paprika

    Wow, were these a hit in my house!  Prosciutto is a dried cured ham, with a nicely salty flavor.  My kids are bonky about it, and these days enjoy a slab of fresh mozzarella with a few slices of prosciutto on a baguette as much as any other lunch I can some up with.  God... MORE

  • Hot Crab and Corn Dip

    Recipe: Hot Crab and Corn Dip

    You can make this with reduced fat cream cheese, often labeled Neufchatel, and reduced fat sour cream, or you can sail into the decadence of it all and use the full fat versions of the dairy products.  Lump crab meat is the most expensive, then there are a range of other kinds of shelled crab... MORE

  • Raspberry Streusel Coffee Cake

    Recipe: Raspberry Streusel Coffee Cake with Sweet Vanilla Drizzle

    If I told you the amount of Driscoll’s berries we buy over any given month, you would probably think I was lying.  So when they asked me to participate in this Made with Love Holiday recipe campaign, I was all “you had me at raspberry.” I grew up making Bisquick coffee cakes from a mix,... MORE

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