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  • Photo by: Matt Armendariz, Courtesy of Little, Brown and Company

    Recipe: Guest Post from Stephanie Stiavetti and Garrett McCord: Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar with Avocado, Lime, and Shell Pasta

    When I found out fellow food writers Stephanie and Garrett had written a book about macaroni and cheese, I was ….well, frankly, I was jealous.  And my kids were jealous.  Who wouldn’t want to think about and cook and eat macaroni and cheese for an extended period of time?  But we all know negative emotions... MORE

  • My Kids

    So, sometimes we find ourselves amplifying our kids’ strengths,  sometimes we find ourselves lamenting our kids’ struggles.  Often, in this day and age, we are seems to be reluctant to be okay seeing the truth in who they are, because there is so much pressure to present a good front.   I say poop to that. ... MORE

  • Jack in football gear

    I Love to Watch You Play

    “I love to watch you play.” The simplest six words you can say to your kids, with a surprising amount of power. It started with an article written in February 2012, called What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent — And What Makes A Great One.  The article was pretty much about what you think it... MORE

  • I could have picked out those last few raspberry stems, but nah.

    Recipe: Raspberries with Olive Oil Blueberry Sauce

    The Italians use olive oil in sweet things as well as savory, and this particular sauce is a total keeper – so sophisticated and so simple, and SO pretty. I was doing a book signing recently at an Editors’ Showcase in New York City, and next to me Chefs Sean Gallagher and culinary star Fabio... MORE

  • IMG_1612

    Recipe: Mediterranean Braised Lamb Shoulder Chops

    I am having a love-hate moment with global warming right now.  I mean, obviously, global warming, bad.  Very bad.  But wearing short sleeves and sandals in October in New York City with the sun warming your skin is just so NICE.  But global warming, bad. And it just feels weird.  Also in the feels weird... MORE

  • Baked Potato Meatball Sub

    10 Ways to Top a Baked Potato

    A baked potato is so lovely just on its own, with a pat of good butter, a sprinkle of coarse salt.  But it can also become dinner; a wonderful translators of leftovers into a meal, and a way to serve myriad people at the table with the odds and ends that are in the fridge.... MORE

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