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  • corn-cucumber-cantaloupe-salsa-4771

    Recipe: Corn, Cucumber and Cantaloupe Salsa

    You can serve it as a condiment with anything from salmon to herb-grilled chicken, or double the amount and it becomes more of a chopped salad. ... MORE

  • peach-and-roasted-red-pepper-salsa-636

    Peach and Roasted Red Pepper Salsa

                          I was at the market the other day and peaches were on sale for $.49 PER POUND!  $.49!  How many pounds do you think I bought?  The first person to guess correctly gets a copy of The Mom 100 Cookbook. And then the insanity... MORE

  • IMG_2911

    Spicy Sesame Asian Marinade

    This marinade packs a lot of flavor, thanks to the chili paste and the sesame oil.  Kids seems to gravitate towards classic Asian flavors, so dunking almost anything in this marinade gets you to a dinner that everyone will be cheery about.  A tablespoon or so of minced fresh peeled ginger wouldn’t hurt either.  It’s... MORE

  • Modern Greek Salad

    Recipe: Modern Greek Salad

    Modern Greek Salad, as Featured on NPR's All Things... MORE

  • IMG_2745

    Recipe: Goat Cheese and Chive Deviled Eggs

    This isn’t the first deviled egg recipe I’ve posted, and it surely will not be the last.  I make no apologies for this.  My name is Katie Workman and I like deviled eggs. Use either soft or slightly crumbly goat cheese for this,  adjusting the amount depending on how pungent the cheese is.  A few... MORE

  • smoke alarm

    The Top 8 Foods I Am Most Likely to Burn

    I don’t know why I feel inclined to share this.  Ok, yes I do: I’m a confessor, and I want to hear from you about the things you burn, so we can all feel better.  Learn from my mistakes.  I have lost too many good pots to scorched bottoms due to ignored popcorn. The fire... MORE

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