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  • Sriracha Sauce

    Recipe: Sriracha Mayo

    A sentence I have never said, nor thought I would say:  This recipe is inspired by Guy Fieri. I’m far from a food snob (how far is a little embarrassing sometimes.  Put a bowl of Cheetos in front of me and watch), but I did not imagine myself getting culinarily inspired by someone who wears... MORE

  • orange carrot soup

    Recipe: Orange Carrot Soup

    Carrots are so cheap, why wouldn’t we all cook them more often? That may not sound like a very generous thought, but seriously, this soup is probably less than a buck a serving, and you would never, ever know it – in fact, it seems fancy. And it seems even fancier if you serve it... MORE

  • mini-banana

    Recipe: Mini Banana Bread Loaves

    Many banana bread and muffin recipes are similar.   Hell, many are the same.  But that’s quite all right.  Because you may tweak the proportions a bit, but with some eggs, sugar, flour, and fat in the form of butter or oil, or dairy (or more than one of the above), and a group of over... MORE

  • pork-loin

    Recipe: Grilled Pork Loin with Brown Rice Salad

    This is not the first pork loin recipe I’ve offered up.  I don’t know what took me so long to recognize that this cut of meat is a total and complete life saver.  It’s cheap (I guess I should say economical, which sounds classier), it’s easy to find, it takes well to all kinds of... MORE

  • roasted garlic and tomato bread

    Recipe: Roasted Garlic and Tomato Bread

    Garlic bread is one of those somwhat retro-feeling indulgences, right?  You forget about it (because, really, you’re not supposed to think about garlic bread, are you?  sure you are), and then one day a waiter puts down a basket of hot, buttery, oil-laced garlic bread on the table, announced by its delightfully assertive uber-smell, and... MORE

  • Recipe: Roasted Garlic

    We’ve all ordered things made with roasted garlic in restaurants,  but it’s highly possible that making it at home seemed daunting.  But it’s really so, so easy. Not like “oh soufflés are so easy!”. Like if you can drizzle something with olive oil and wrap it in aluminum foil you can do this easy. Preheat... MORE

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